Breaking the mould here.

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Thanks for reading this today ,
I’ll get right to it..
As I sit here at home on a rather 
warm wednesday night, I was 
wondering how this post would 
actually turn out.
You know, what would today’s 
topic be.?
And then, after about 5 minutes 
of thinking, it came to me finally.
Instead of me trying to pitch you 
something that I could make a commission 
from, I will turn the tables around
in your favour and… 
  • ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS (to the best of my ability)
If you’d simply like some recommendations
as to how to possibly make some
moolah, in order to supplement
your existing income, i’d be more than
happy to spend some time
chatting to see if what I have is a fit for you
going forward.  
That’s my offer for you today…
Contact details below…
Thanks for being a loyal email subscriber.
I totally appreciate hearing from you.
Please let me know if you ever have any questions.
Lewis White
Skype – lewisdwhite
Facetime – +61 0414 413 979

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