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Lewis White

Freee to a good home…

As I sit here in my office this afternoon, I got to thinking… So, What’s the best piece of advice I can give people who are looking to build a long term online business, starting in 2021. Well, It’s simply this: Step One: Align yourself with a world […]

Now that you’ve had that epiphany…

Sitting here at home this afternoon, this question literally smacked me across the face like a dead fish. Do the majority of people trying to build an online side hustle, or really any kind of business at all, understand that they can literally send out emails to thousands […]

Tip: Dig Deep Holes…

Hello there and thanks for being here. As I sit here at my kitchen table, I came up with the topic for today’s blog. I heard a tip a while ago, and it has stuck with me ever since. It’s probably some of the best advice I’ve ever […]

➡️My Most Visited Blog…

I have a question… Is the link below, not just the finest educational blog for budding email marketers to learn their craft, but a forever “go to” resource for email marketers of all skill levels? With over 1500 post and counting, I’m sure you will find something to […]

➡️It’s Climbing…FAST!

Ok, I have a quick question for all those people online who are constantly complaining about not making any online cash. Why the devil aren’t you on the only social network that actually pays you to refer users, create content and engage with others? I mean, isn’t that […]

Don’t you just love exploring?

Hey there …  Today, …at home, whilst sitting at my makeshift tressle table of a desk, due to being in Covid lockdown and having to work exclusively online from home, I came up with what I’m going to write about here.   In short, its a web page with seven (7) tabs […]

Facebook’s New Rival…

Hey there ,  Whilst having lunch at home today, I had a thought.  Honestly, I never thought I’dsee the day, that Facebookwould have a competitor in the marketplace as awesome as this…  But here we are.  Launching to the mainstreamin the coming months is a brand new social media platform.  […]

Who will you help?

As I sit hear at home tonight, I came up with an idea to write about that may just inspire some to take some action towards their future..   I basically want to remind you about an online business mastermind that I joined ages ago, that has helped me […]

We need to talk…

Cheers for opening this.   As you are aware, I promote Webtalk.     The first online social network that actually has a revenue sharing component to their business model.     But, what I learnt about webtalk recently has the potential to make it the most popular site online. […]

Beat FB at it’s own game…

Thanks for being here yet again.   Today, I just wanted to teach you the number one thing that everyone who makes income online in 2019 knows and implements.   You see, there is really only ONE way to actually beat the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram algorithms etc and get real […]

The inexpensive online alternative…

Earlier today, I was scrolling through a really cool marketing blog that I follow, when I came across a certain post. In it, it basically gave ways to build an audience online with out paying for expensive monthly website hosting fees. Believe me, I’ve been there way to often… Not any […]