Boy, He got an earful.

Hey all… Lewis here, Let me tell you a story.. So there I was, having a play on Instagram earlier today when my name was tagged in a comment. It was all about how if I clicked this certain link, I would surely make $518.76 in the next 41 minutes… […]

Talk about impatient…

On the weekend , I was at a local night club playing a gig with my fellow band mates when during the second song of the evening, this girl comes up to the side of the stage and yells in my ear…  Can you play something more up beat.  To which I replied.  Ok, […]

How to educate link spammers.

Hey, Lewis here. Quite literally, 10 minutes ago, I’m sitting at my desk and I get a Facebook instant message from a lady in Serbia. It was simply a massive spam fest, going on and on about how I simply must join this MATRIX. Hey baby, don’t get me started on how much I can’t stand those silly things. So, I […]

My zero cost challenge to you…

So,  I’m sitting in my office on FB tonight and came across a post that got me thinking. It was actually about a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Now… You know how most people have absolutely no idea when it comesto marketing online effectively.. …and all they do on a daily basis is […]

Turning off the CRAZY noise.

So… Last night I was sitting in my home office, re-listening to a training about how to simplify the process of building a home business. Now… As online marketers, there’s obviously a crap load of messages, options and noise online, all promising to show you and me how to make a da But the big question is, Who the […]

It’s Ok to be nervous, the first time.

Welcome guys & gals… Lewis here. What I’m talking about today is Flipping the decision switch…  Doing something about a problem you probably have, if you’re bustin’ your hump in a job you despise but think you need.  I remember it well.  The day I made the decision to leave my employment days behind.  I gave my two weeks.  Graciously! Moved towns.  […]

Losing the neediness..

Hey guys & gals, Lewis here… I’m gonna lay it all out here. Here goes… When your truly doing business from home, what you need to do first and foremost is put your business on a pedestal. Adopt the mindset that yes, your business is actually an important part of your life      and […]

There’s no competition…

Ok.  First things first…! Put down your beer. Lewis is here.  #Lol… Today, I’m going to dispel a myth.  And that is.  That you really have any competition at all.  The reason I like this particular approach is because of the fact that.  If you really think about it.  It’s true.  Why?  Well.  Ask yourself this.  How […]

Brain Dead Simple…

Please like and share after you have read this all the way through and found some value.  Today, I’m sharing a tactic that could just turn your home business around  for the better,  …if you apply it  properly.  You see…  Many people trying to build a business from home/online tend to  overcomplicate this, […]

How to “Wow” your readers!

Welcome… Lewis here.  Tip: When using email marketing to generate leads for your  home business.  I learnt this from the one and only “Ben Settle” This is what he highly recommends.  Email regularly! That’s it.  Don’t just email when you have something to pitch or launch.  (Like everyone else..) Understand. People see right thru that approach.  Instead, […]